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arts/margaret olley william dobell painting people
Margaret Olley and William Dobell. Painting People, 1965
#media dmcs-12375850
vintage/coffee tea set comes people 1968
Coffee and tea set. When It Comes to People, 1968
#media dmcs-12995764
vintage/pool water dwellers 1967
Side of the pool. The Water Dwellers, 1967
#media dmcs-12995760
vintage/young people stand talking outside shops
Three young people stand talking outside a shop's display window
#media dmcs-12995758
vintage/man woman races case books 1966
Man and woman at the races. The Case for Books, 1966
#media dmcs-12995756
vintage/parliament house melbourne life australia series
Parliament House, Melbourne. Life in Australia Series: Melbourne, 1966
#media dmcs-12995750
transportation/black white image vintage taxi driving road
Black and white image of a vintage taxi driving along the road
#media dmcs-12995722
sports recreation/boy trampoline water dwellers 1967
Boy on a trampoline. The Water Dwellers, 1967
#media dmcs-12995640
sports recreation/man water skiis water dwellers
Man on water-skiis. The Water Dwellers
#media dmcs-12995636
services/man horse 1987 coo ee reenactment march
Man and Horse 1987 Coo-ee Reenactment March
#media dmcs-12995626
services/group men furled flags horse march dirt road
A group of men with furled flags and horse march on a dirt road
#media dmcs-12995622
services/marching band coo ee 1988
Marching band. Coo-ee, 1988
#media dmcs-12995620
royalty/city ballarat welcomes queen 1954
City of Ballarat Welcomes the Queen in 1954
#media dmcs-12995610
royalty/queen mother welcome majesty 1958
Queen Mother. Welcome Your Majesty, 1958
#media dmcs-12995606
animals/people animals/woman man stroke koala perched enclosures fence
A woman and man stroke a koala perched on an enclosure's fence
#media dmcs-12994720
people/man wearing overalls factory holds bandaged hands
A man wearing overalls in a factory holds up his bandaged hands
#media dmcs-12994712
people/men sit roadside posing wise monkeys
Three men sit on a roadside posing as the three wise monkeys
#media dmcs-12994696
people/black white image female actors cat makeup
A black and white image of two female actors in cat makeup
#media dmcs-12994688
nostalgia/children swimming water dwellers 1967
Children swimming. The Water Dwellers, 1967
#media dmcs-12994566
nostalgia/bird lady water dwellers the 1967
Bird Lady. Water Dwellers, The. 1967
#media dmcs-12994562
nostalgia/delivery school mailbox 1946
Delivery. School in the Mailbox, 1946
#media dmcs-12994558
nostalgia/close young girl feeding lamb babys bottle
Close up of a young girl feeding a lamb with a baby's bottle
#media dmcs-12994554
nostalgia/sitting wireless school mailbox 1946
Sitting around the wireless. School in the Mailbox, 1946
#media dmcs-12994552
nostalgia/fish goggles outlook shades puffing billy 1967
Fish goggles. Outlook: Shades of Puffing Billy, 1967
#media dmcs-12994544
nostalgia/trouble police nullarbor hideout 1964
Trouble with the police. Nullarbor Hideout, 1964
#media dmcs-12994540
nostalgia/coles storefront bourke street melbourne olympic city
Coles storefront, Bourke Street. Melbourne: Olympic City, 1955
#media dmcs-12994534
nostalgia/buckley nunn limited bourke street melbourne
Buckley & Nunn Limited. Bourke Street, Melbourne. Melbourne, The Olympic City, 1955
#media dmcs-12994530
nostalgia/scouts brownies expo 70 1970
Scouts and Brownies. Expo 70, 1970
#media dmcs-12994528
nostalgia/bathers swimming pool australian colour diary
Bathers at a swimming pool. Australian Colour Diary, 1969
#media dmcs-12994520
fashion/fashion show case books the 1966
Fashion Show. Case for Books, The. 1966
#media dmcs-12994442
architecture/opera house sails fifth facade 1973
Opera House Sails. Fifth Facade, 1973
#media dmcs-12994366
architecture/crew filming construction stage ii fifth facade
Crew filming the Construction of Stage II. Fifth Facade, 1973
#media dmcs-12994352
architecture/canberra shine dome canberra today tomorrow
The Canberra Shine Dome. Canberra Today and Tomorrow, 1959
#media dmcs-12994342
animals/people animals/close up black white portrait saint bernard dog
A close up, black and white portrait of a Saint Bernard dog
#media dmcs-12994322
transportation/toyota landcrusier australian wildlife series
Toyota landcrusier. Australian Wildlife Series, 1974
#media dmcs-12375872
arts/film cans commonwealth film unit 1960s
Film cans at the Commonwealth Film Unit, 1960s
#media dmcs-12375842
black white/children crossing hector milly save uncle tom
Children Crossing. Hector and Milly Save Uncle Tom, 1971
#media dmcs-12329322
vintage/boy outside employment office comes people 1968
Boy outside the employment office. When It Comes to People, 1968
#media dmcs-12995768
vintage/dining time comes people 1968
Dining time. When It Comes to People, 1968
#media dmcs-12995766
vintage/rabbit costume comes people 1968
Rabbit costume. When It Comes to People, 1968
#media dmcs-12995762
vintage/models camera case books the 1966
Models and a camera. Case for Books, The. 1966
#media dmcs-12995754
vintage/lunch park life australia series melbourne
Lunch in the park. Life in Australia Series: Melbourne. 1966
#media dmcs-12995752
vintage/scenes hector milly save uncle tom 1973
Behind the scenes. Hector and Milly Save Uncle Tom, 1973
#media dmcs-12995748
vintage/close up hector milly save uncle tom 1973
Close up. Hector and Milly Save Uncle Tom, 1973
#media dmcs-12995744
vintage/ski slopes tropics snow
Ski slopes. From the Tropics to the Snow
#media dmcs-12995734
vintage/man holds tea cup hand tea tray
A man holds a tea cup in one hand and a tea tray in the other
#media dmcs-12995730
transportation/snowed in motorcycle outlook run 1971
Snowed-in motorcycle. Outlook: To Run. 1971
#media dmcs-12995724
transportation/taxi 283 taxi 1972
Taxi 283. Taxi, 1972
#media dmcs-12995720
transportation/wedding taxi taxi 1972
Wedding Taxi. Taxi, 1972
#media dmcs-12995716


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