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australia/sydney australia/ss oriana tropics snow 1964
india/traditional indian potters work asian neighbours
landscape/sunset northern territory wildlife ranger 1979
royalty/queen elizabeth ii australia 1954
dressing room melbourne wedding belle 1954
historical/cyclone tracy destruction birds return 1975
historical/destroyed houses birds return 1975
historical/ansett airlines pick up birds return 1975
historical/pot kettle voice heard a 1974
transportation/cessna 401a plane voice heard a 1974
transportation/small plane voice heard a 1974
transportation/landed planes voice heard a 1974
transportation/bush pilots airways voice heard a 1974
transportation/landed plane wildlife ranger 1979
marine/masted boat snake bites sun 1986
marine/rocky island snake bites sun
landscape/rocky formation snake bites sun 1986
landscape/red cliffs snake bites sun 1986
landscape/rocky hill snake bites sun
landscape/snake bites sun
landscape/lakes marshlands waterlilies weeds ponds plants
landscape/wildlife ranger
cityscapes/pitt street sydney voting federal election
cityscapes/william street sydney voting federal election
buildings/corrugated sheds voice heard a 1974
buildings/old royal hotel birdsville voice heard a 1974
buildings/birdsville hotel birdsville voice heard a
botanical/lakes marshlands waterlilies weeds ponds plants
botanical/lakes marshlands waterlilies weeds ponds plants
botanical/flowers lilypads waterplants australia 1990
botanical/lilypad pond waterplants australia 1990
botanical/river running grasslands waterplants australia
architecture/grand hotel thursday island voice heard a
animals/dog sitting cement path voice heard
animals/reptiles/lizard lookout wildlife ranger 1979
animals/reptiles/yellow spotted monitor lizard kakadu park
royalty/queen elizabeth ii prince philip australia 1954
climate elements/sky sea solomon islands 1979
climate elements/sea land solomon islands 1979
climate elements/sunset taem bifo taem nao time time now 1980
vintage/boy outside employment office comes people 1968
vintage/dining time comes people 1968
vintage/coffee tea set comes people 1968
vintage/pool water dwellers 1967
vintage/young people stand talking outside shops display
vintage/man woman races case books 1966
vintage/models camera case books the 1966
vintage/parliament house melbourne life australia series
vintage/plane skiis tropics snow 1964
vintage/rms oriana sydney tropics snow 1964
vintage/hayman island queensland tropics snow
vintage/sunbathing pool tropics snow 1964
vintage/woman standing outside clothing store tropics snow
vintage/ski slopes tropics snow
vintage/hotel view tropics snow 1964
vintage/man holds tea cup hand tea tray
transportation/comes people
transportation/snowcat outlook run 1971
transportation/snowed in motorcycle outlook run 1971
transportation/black white image vintage taxi driving road
transportation/taxi 283 taxi 1972
transportation/new endeavour great barrier reef cure claude clough
transportation/wedding taxi taxi 1972
transportation/ghan ghan alice 1978
arts/balancing bicycle human face china the 1979
arts/male peking opera performer human face china the
arts/chair balancing human face china the 1979
arts/painted wooden objects human face china the
arts/hand balance human face china the 1979
arts/dancing children human face china the 1979
arts/intricate tree human face china the 1979
arts/vincent jomantis artworks sculpture australia 69
arts/rope drying human face indonesia the 1984
arts/hector window hector milly save uncle tom 1973
arts/actors set hector milly save uncle tom 1973
arts/preformer cat face paint hector milly save uncle tom
arts/hector milly cat heads hector milly save uncle tom
arts/cast lookout hector milly save uncle tom 1973
arts/fire dancer gentle strangers 1972
arts/hector milly uncle tom hector milly save uncle tom
arts/actors break hector milly save uncle tom 1973
arts/interiors tab cook 1969
sports recreation/kids playing grass water dwellers 1967
sports recreation/boy trampoline water dwellers 1967
sports recreation/balloons field human face china the 1979
sports recreation/man water skiis water dwellers
sports recreation/alice springs rodeo ghan alice 1978
sports recreation/paraguayan bullfighting ghosts may heard 1975
signs/cat crossing sign tale hector milly 1973
services/man horse 1987 coo ee reenactment march
services/flanders cemetery lost flanders 2009
services/group men furled flags horse march dirt road
services/marching band coo ee 1988
services/policeman standing children junior social studies
services/anzacs lost flanders 2009
royalty/city ballarat welcomes queen 1954
royalty/queen elizabeth ii visit australia 1954
royalty/queen mother welcome majesty 1958
animals/people animals/young caucasian girl cuddles joey wooden door
animals/people animals/stockmen horseback stand watching mob horses